Sensual Freedom

SENSUAL FREEDOM arises from the desire to experience freedom starting from the senses.

Through a multisensory journey – made of art therapy, tea, thai yoga massage and Yoga – we will explore the pleasure of being alive.

Sensual Freedom

Sensual Freedom Crete experience will see Dimitris, Pierluca and Silvia coming together to realize a

Multidisciplinary journey through their arts and expertise.

In these 4 days we will dedicate ourselves to amplify our feeling related to:

  • Touch and Sight through Art Therapy and Thai Yoga Massage
  • Taste and Smell through a deep dive into the Tea world and Soul Food
  • Hearing and self-listening through Yoga and Meditation


Let’s surrender to a flirt with our own essence…


The classes will be held in English.

You’re free to choose the activity you want to attend. We believe in freedom.