Yoga & Sound healing Retreat

Find the source in you! A Journey through the Chakras and Elements 3. – 10.6. 2023 1 week with yoga and sounds on Crete

A mindful week for yourself, which follows the flow of creative life energy and gives you deep harmony and relaxation…

Yoga & Soundhealing Retreat

The beautiful island of Crete presents you with a pure and intense experience of all elements. The sun strengthens your inner fire, the water gives your cells new information, air and breath cleanse your spirit and the earth element gives you stillness and deep roots. In the seminar we will consciously encounter the 4 elements and thereby open up inner spaces and access to the 5th element. Since the elements are the keys to the individual chakras, we also experience the subject areas of our chakras in a very natural way.

Immerse yourself, feel you, perceive you as part of nature and get your body flowing. Well-being, liveliness, regeneration, pure relaxation. Your body, the vibrations of the sounds and nature support you in permanently strengthening the connection to your inner self and drawing on your own source of strength. We accompany you with intuitive heart-opening dance, vision journeys, body awareness, mindful yoga, meditation and lots of sound.

With Birgit you dive into the worlds of sound healing, vision quest and creative inner work. Dimitris guides you very sensitively and confidently with different yoga directions adapted to the topics, to feel more deeply and to explore yourself physically and mentally in a completely new way

A completely organic and loving cooperation between the two enables you to arrive in the affirmative, relax and align yourself.

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