Mindful Eating

We have often found ourselves in a state of unconscious food consumption, either because we are consuming our meal quickly or because something else distracts us while we are eating. As a result, we consume far more food than we really need and therefore often do not realize exactly what we are eating and what it tastes like. Mindful Eating teaches us how to consume the right amount of food and to be present in the process of nutrition, perceiving the taste and ingredients of each meal.

First of all, before we start our meal, let’s think about whether we are really hungry at that moment. Then, having chosen the meal we will eat, let’s take a few minutes to observe the dish in front of us, what foods it contains, the colors and the smells.

We start eating our meal with small bites and chewing the food slowly and consciously so that we can taste every ingredient and every taste. We activate all our senses by focusing on this process, without being distracted by the open TV or something we are reading on the internet at the same time.

As with everything we do during the day, let us be just present during our meals as well. Let’s take a little more time to enjoy this process.

Mindful Eating:

-Reduces stress as it irritates the parasympathetic nervous system and causes a relaxed reaction.

-It is good for our relationship with food, as when we pay attention to what we eat, our cravings and the desire to eat something decrease when we are not really hungry.

-Helps with weight loss, as good contact with our body and our plate does not allow us to deviate easily.

-It leads to better digestion, as eating slowly, the body can make better use of nutrients and we feel more comfortable after meals.

-It is good for intestinal health.


Dimitris Gkioulos