Observing silence

It is certain that we are going through a very difficult period worldwide and prevention is the best we can do at the moment.

So let’s all stay at home, for the good of us all.

Many of us are wondering what we could do for so many days locked up at home. The truth is that wonderful things can happen to us. One of them is the process of silence. Through this process we will finally be able to hear what our inner world really has to say to us, for as many times as we have ignored it, for as many times as we have not given it the importance it deserves.

First of all, let’s choose the time of day when under other circumstances we would go to our favorite Yoga Studio or to a gym for our practice. On average, the duration of our visit to these places would be about 1 hour and 30 minutes. So we start during this time by turning off the TV, our cell phones and anything that can cause us anxiety and stress.
We choose not to speak at all or read or write. Let’s put any external stimulus aside for a while. It is the moment when the mind will start talking and tell us a lot! We focus our observation on our breathing. The mind, for the rest of this process, is going to give us a lot of messages. Let’s listen at them. We observe without judging. We simply observe that what is happening internally, in the present moment. We are in a state of meditation.
Thoughts, emotions, and more will be revealed on the surface, and what we have to do is just observe them. At the end of this process, let’s take a look at our personal diary of what happened during this time. Nothing may have happened, but there may be a lot. It is the beginning of an important change in our lives. Let’s take advantage of it!

Silence is perhaps the strongest voice in our inner self. Let’s give it a chance to express itself, let’s observe it.

How many of us have given ourselves this opportunity?

Let’s listen to us, with love.

Dimitris Gkioulos